How to Get the Most Out of Your Employees.

“Some people work harder for other people.”  My old boss used to tell me this all the time.  I understood to a degree, but it wasn’t until we got an influx of transfers to our branch, that these words really resonated with me.  Employees that were rated near the bottom rung of their old branch were some of our top performers, with great attitudes!

It made me realize that Management Style has a lot to do with how much a person applies them self in a work environment.  Knowing how to get the most out of someone is an art form.  It is such a valuable skill, because not only will you gain loyalty… you will also see a return on your investment.  So how exactly does one reach a level of depth with their staff?  After speaking with some different managers/leaders, we discovered a lot of them had similar things to say.  Here is the short version:

You can’t be Black & White.  Having strong stances on things is okay, however, looking at the BIG picture is essential.  If you have an employee who is consistently late…instead of blasting them, have a private conversation and find out why they are late.  If the situation permits, offer insight on finding a resolution to the problem.

Be consistent.  Having a consistent mood allows staff to relax.  Do we want staff too relaxed?  Of course not.  However, not everyone works well under immense pressure.  Allowing your staff to know what to expect, can allow them to focus on productivity…not whether they should be afraid of you or not.

Review your staff.  Your staff wants to know how they are doing.  If they feel you do not care about their development, they won’t either.  Without reviews, you run the risk of a complacent staff.  Constructive criticism, and examples of how to improve, are great tools to shatter your staff’s glass ceiling.

Appreciation for things done well. Does your staff need a gold star for every project turned in on-time?  Absolutely not.  However, if a project hits your inbox before deadline, AND nails that big client?  That deserves maybe a round of drinks, or a high five!  Don’t shy away from complimenting your staff, for big moments.

Motivating staff can be tricky, and not every employee responds to the same style.  However, if you can take the time to invest in learning why each member of your team is worth developing; you may end up seeing more profit, better office culture, and hungry employees who will do just about anything for you. Well, maybe not anything… but you catch our drift.


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Written by Blog Contributor: Molly Zahn