Is it Time for a Career Change?


The anxiety that comes along with big life-changes, can cause many to stay in one place for too long.  This could be a relationship, where you live, or…your career!  I can’t even tell you how many people put off changing work-places, or careers, due to the fear of the ‘unknown.’

“What if I fail?”
“What if I hate it?”
“What if the culture isn’t for me?”

These are the normal questions, that usually, hold people back from taking that ‘leap of faith.’  I actually have some very real experience, when it comes to career change!  It can be scary, exciting, nerve wracking, and also…extremely rewarding!

There are quite a few undeniable reasons, that it may be time to move on.
We narrowed it down to the TOP 5:

⚡️You feel chronically worn out or depleted.
Feeling like you’re constantly exhausted, and have no time for your personal life,
or the things you love, can seriously take a toll.  Not just physically, from being
overworked, but mentally, as well.

⚡️You don’t really care about the tasks you’re assigned.
Being bogged down with passionless assignments, or duties, can cause you to
feel resentment towards your work-place, or the person assigning you your work.

⚡️You have come to the point where your salary doesn’t make up for your boredom.
Sometimes, it isn’t all about dolla-dolla bills.  In fact, a great salary can almost
make one feel trapped or tethered to their current job or career.  Being able
to wake up every day, and love what you do is priceless!

⚡️Despite making all the “right” choices, the end result, somehow, feels wrong.
Feeling fulfilled in your work, is a great way to gain a love and passion
for your field.  Having that feeling of pride, after a job or assignment is complete,
is so important to capture the motivation one needs to be successful.

⚡️You feel your talents and skills are being wasted.
‘Ending up’ in a position, or at a job, can cause one to feel like they aren’t
reaching their full potential.  Being able to tap into the best parts of yourself is
something you should, 100% be doing everyday.  If you aren’t using what makes you great,
is it really a place that you want to be in, for the long haul?

Navigating different career options can be tasking. Below I have listed some great resources, that may better help you choose what is next for your future. It can be one of the hardest decisions a person has to make, changing up their career or job.  However, living your passion, and doing what you love has this taste of freedom that is like nothing else.

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Written By Contributor: Molly Zahn