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Living to Work, or Working to Live?

Are you happy in your career?

News flash! We spend a lot of time at our jobs! Kidding aside, it seems like every day more and more people are giving a lot more thought to whether or not their work fulfills them. Perhaps you’ve been working in your field, the one you chose in your early twenties, and are going through the motions and no longer challenged or all that interested in your work. You have 10 plus years of experience in your field, but don’t quite feel fulfilled. Now what? Maybe, take some time to really look around at different areas related to your current experience and see where you can segue into a new area. Read more about topics that are of interest and widen your knowledge in those areas. Ask more questions! Connect with someone in that area of interest and ask them what it is that they like about that field.
We all understand that life is short… if you are feeling unfulfilled, start exploring other options and ideas. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you do not need to pressure yourself to make a big change in one day. Just start asking yourself and others more questions. Listen to hear those answers and ponder them. Let them sink in and take time to respond, not focused on thinking of a response while someone is talking, but really listening.
We are all connecting at lightning fast speed on-line and I think, overlook talking, in person to other humans, where the true connection should be. We are all brothers and sisters and here to help each other. Let’s do more of that by asking more questions.
written by Kristi Rohde