Sending Positive Vibes your way…

Sending Positive Vibes your way…

Are you more inclined to be interested when another’s point of view is a Pessimistic one? Or a Positive one?

I have been going to events lately and even reading articles that have such a negative connotation that just does not sit right with me. Could you just imagine what a different audience you might attract when you are Optimistic and Encouraging in your approach?

Last Thursday I went to a Women’s Networking Event with 3 Keynote Speakers. At one point of their speech, they were asked if they had Mentors that helped these women be where they are today.  They absolutely had Mentors, Strong Successful Women and explained how they picked out these Ladies best qualities to implement in their own daily lives. The responses that came after took a turn… These women then expressed all of the destructive qualities their Mentors had and stated to the listeners to watch out for the Strong-Willed Woman for these Mentors of theirs ran themselves into the ground, were high and mighty in their career and they actually did not have that much respect for them. In a matter of seconds, it was a Mentor bashing sesh. And to think, negativity is all I took with me from that event…

Soon after, I read an article about women in Technology and about what they want/expect. The way it was written sounded as if women demand more than what is normally provided with men. How we don’t care about a stocked kitchen and keg (ummmm I want a keg, really a bottle of wine would make me happy) and how women want to see other women working at these startups or that company can forget about hiring other Women…HAHA how will these startups be able to hire a Woman if there is never a first?

Men and Women, we should build each other up, Encourage others, Complement one another.  We should praise those around us, (even for the small things), remind each other that we look up to them or how they brighten our day and how we are proud to be standing next to them.  Give a smile, shake a hand and try to say something inspiring today. You never know who is looking up to you.

Some ideas that have helped me be where I am today have been my Goofy and yet Positive Reminders, Reading Leadership/Self Growth Books, setting Attainable Goals, encompassing myself with Successful Individuals and getting to know others in my industry.  I surround myself with Positive Individuals, Strong Minded and Innovative Beings that are Risk-takers and Out of the Box Thinkers. I always look at the best players around me to see what is working for them and I implement those keys into my daily plan of action.

So I ask, what approach works for you? What keeps you motivated?

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