Unlimited vacation… Are you for it or against it?

Unlimited vacation… Are you for it or against it?

Unlimited vacation sounds amazing when you see it on the benefits list. However, is it really as amazing as it sounds?

What does “unlimited” even mean?!?! Who decides that you’ve taken too much time off? What does too much time off even mean when supposedly it’s unlimited? Let’s break it down for what it really is. Unlimited vacation benefits the company most of the time and not you! Let’s really think about it, are you actually taking the time off? Or are you freaking out that you took a week off two months ago, a day off a month ago and now need two days off for your cousin’s wedding they planned on a Friday to save them money?

Let’s face it if you have a great boss this probably isn’t an issue for you. But if you have an uptight boss who’s world revolves around work then asking for time off is just an uncomfortable situation. SO the majority of people with this option actually take less time off! Which in turn benefits the company.

Not to mention if you leave a company you’d normally get paid out for your vacation time. But how can a company pay you out on “unlimited vacation” … they can’t. So hopefully you were able to use the most of that unlimited vacation time as possible before leaving!

If you’re looking at a company with this option, we recommend asking about the environment and seeing if that unlimited vacation policy is actually used. This is where The French Agency can help! We can ask those awkward questions for you and will always be sure to place you in a company with the environment you look forward to being in!